__,--'''''--,_        _,--'''''--,__
     _-'              `\    /'              `-_
   ,'                   `\/'                   `,
  /                       `\                     \
 /                `\        `\                    \
(                  /'\        `\                   )
(                /'   `\        `,                 )
(              /'       `.       |                 )
 \           /'           `-,__,-'                /
  \        /'                        ___         /
   `.    /'                        ,'   `\     .'
     \ /'        /              ,--(      `\  /
     /'        /'             ,'    \       `<
    (        /'       /    ,--(      `\       )
    (      /'       /'   ,'    \       `\    ,'
     `---,'       /'  ,--(      `\       `\-'
         (      /'  ,'    \       `\      )
          `---,'    (      `\       `\_,-'
              (      \       `\      )
               `---,' `\       `\_,-'  
                   (    `\      )      
                    `---' `\_,-'

The buzz is building...

Waterloo's pre-eminent collaborative ecosystem for tech-savvy, entrepreneurially minded University students.

Are you ready for it?

Coming September 2008.

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The 411 on the Hive

What is the Hive?

The Hive will be Canada's first totally free live-in technology incubator/accelerator for entrepreneurially minded students who study at either UW or WLU during the school year.  Hive is loosely modelled after the successful Y Combinator program started by Paul Graham and largely inspired by The Grotto, a collective workspace for talented writers, filmmakers and artists in San Francisco.

How does it work?

It's simple. We ascribe to the belief that by bringing together the most passionate and inspired entrepreneurially minded technology students together for a school term or school year under one roof, that we can all make great things happen. To that end, we are starting a university wide search for 5-7 of the savviest and most seasoned entrepreneurially bent technology students in March 2008 and aim to bring them together, let them feed off each other and their ideas, and work collaboratively on new projects as they see fit throughout the school year while continuing on with their studies.

pad - Check
Wii, Xbox, PS - Oh you bet
Poker nights - Why not?
Minutes from UW - Uh huh
Ping Pong - Ok, we'll concede on that too

To put it simply, we want to create the perfect environment that allows you to work and play, share and discover, and learn and grow.  We offer free room throughout the school year, along with all the trimmings and fixins (see above) for you to make the most of your time at our humble abode.  Of course, we're only looking for the best and brightest; students who love the rush of late night code sessions, who wake up in cold sweats with wondrous epiphanies, who live, sleep and breathe technology and who want to collaborate with other like minded students on conjuring the next big thing while still in university.

When does it start?

The first cycle of the Hive commences at the start of the Fall '08 school term. (September 2008)  We will attempt to finalize the application and selection process for our first group of participants by July 2008.

What can I do now?

Help us build the buzz.  Tell classmates, throw up posters, create a Facebook group.  If you happen to know someone else who would fit the bill as a resident for the first cycle of the Hive, give them a shout and tell them to pre-register above.  We'll be passing the first series of applications along to candidates shortly.